Remberence Day 2020

Rememberence day 2020 was very different compaired with the past years,

due to an insidius virus called COVID 19 this was and still is a very ,

serious threat to people the world over , as you cant see it , it wears no ,

uniform or national markings , but none the less takes lives, everybodys travel plans were crushed ,  feelings hurt  plans changed at the last moment, nothing this serious has been seen since the ww1 spanish flu epidemic, sharon and i reluctantly had to,

cancel our annual  travel to groningen to pay tribute to the  ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION,

Personel that died during the internment at H M S TIMBERTOWN During their internment,

i am indebted to Menno Weilinga his Daughter Marjan his granddaughter Willemyn & jan amneke ,

who laid the wreath i sent out to menno and placed the wooden crosses , 1 one each Grave ,

and some lovely flowers, and held a private ceremony  as we would have done with them in past years,

we hope to to go again in 2021 but we will have to see ,

see below for the photos taken  at the time and that menno kindly sent to me .


On the left is a copy of the text

that menno read out ,

thank you