This years Act of  Rememberance comes in 2 parts,

the first part took  place in Groningen ,

in the Netherlands on Monday November the 11th,

PART 2 took place on the Wednesday the 13th of November,

at the Serre Road Cemetery No 1 on the Somme France 

The first set of images show the preparations,

the placing of the flowers and crosses etc,

 prior to the act of rememberance ,

by Menno weilinga , his daughter marjan 

and yours truly, my wife sharon did her bit too 

The image on the left shows that even on such a,

serious occasion , there is a place for a bit of levity 

as menno  demonstrated  with his inimitable style ,  

Menno and marjan

with the exhortation

for the fallen


The images below show the ceremony and shortly after,

 one thing of note , at the bottom of the  3rd image , is the remains of the,wreath we laid the previous year , 

The last 2 inages on the left bring

to a close , the cemetery part ,

of the day ,but not  the whole of that day .

Menno then took us to a mounument in the park behind the prison,

this is one of the few remaining  signs of where the camp was , apart

from some buildings that were there before the camp.

IMG_6761 (1)

Below  are the translations from Dutch to

English of both the plaque and the  city information sign ,

 i am Indebted to Guido Blokland   for  doing 

the translations .

This simple street sign on the left 

is about the only other visible sign  of the camp

And so this brings to an end  of part 1

in Groningen .Part 2 the somme starts  below,

with images of the Serre  road No 1  cemetery.


Normally we lay a wreath on the Grave of  A/B C.J PARKES bottom left  image,but as we did and walked back to the car,

Sharon noticed  anther R N D lad  BZ/061 A/B V.G TAY,

RNVR Howe Battalion who died on nov the 13th 1916,

 102 years ago to the date on his headstone 

we add yours today