At first glance, the binoculars on the left look like any other ,

ww1 binoculars ,

nothing special about them,

As the main page link says, this is a tale of a pair of binoculars , 

As you can see  he did have a few medical problems ,and he was discharged and transferred

To the south lancs Regiment 8-06-17

Then you would be wrong,

They belonged to : Temp SUB LT

George Jeffery DRAKE BATTALION RND (MEF) = Dardinelles


This white building 

below is the same address today .

On the 9Th of June 1917 he transfers to the,

South Lancs Regiment ,

as a Captain,

as seen below.

NOW! this is where the story gets interesting

as another name appears on the bottom of the case 

Namely his brother  Captain C E Jeffery ,

22 Coy H Battalion Royal Tank Corps,

who apparently was no "shrinking Violet "

see Below

 The two names on the case  does beg the question "WHY"?

we wil have to put that one down to ,

one of lifes imponderable questions......