Below are images  kindly sent to me by

  Emily Toettcher & Peter Healy and well known local Historian ,Stuart king 

                                from the Amersham Museum

49 The high street  Amersham Thankyou for them,   and the information provided 

special thanks go to Stuart king  for the ones of Horace  and images of the cottages and other buildings .

On the left we have a view of a Semi  Detached  property ,called peddles Cottage lived in by the Tillbury family,

in one cottage ,

and  Green View  lived in by the Wright,

Family in the other, it seams that this property, is across the road /common, from

pleasant view  see image below  as  written

on the   Envelope ,

But as "Pleasure view" on Horaces  service 

Documents ? it also seems that horaces parents may have moved to "pleasent view"

after Horaces  death ?

The image on the left  is a modern day view of Pleasent view, which was originaly 

2 semi detached houses, the centre of the image  shows the original properties

with the fence between them,

 the properties  were 

built between the late victorian

and early Edwardian  eras ,

in the last 20 years,

both properties , have been added to.

This image on the left is,

from 1913 and shows the,

baptist church that Horace,

and his parents went to ,

the houses are just out out of shot, the church nowadays is 

now a private house,

Holmer Green was a small village , in ww1 and had a,

population of roughly 600 ,

give or take , so his loss would have been keenly felt by most

living there , which shows really, the impact the war had,

on rural life and communitys

Below we have 2 images of Horace in the one on the left  he is dressed in his,

cricket whites in the one on the right he is dressed in his R.N.D  uniform

this dates that image to between  the 18-10-1916 and january 1917,

and was taken at blandford camp which was at the time and was the R.N.Ds

advance Training Ground , before they were shipped overseas

the Publication on the left,

the Heroes of Holmer  Green    arrived today ,

it tells the story ,

of Horace , his family  and the other

village men who were called to the colours in ww1,

it tells you about the ones who died,  

and the men who made it home  to a different

country and village they left ,

published in 2017 and co written by 

 Stuart king and Christopher peers,

is well worth a read 

During WW1the crested china manufacturers also

wanted to do their  bit to raise morale the 3 pieces of

crested china below are examples of their work

 the carlton china tommys hut has the Blandford crest which is very apt as horace trained there .