Welcome to Part 2 of the  1918--2018 commemorations,

    This year is a special one for obvious reasons 1) its the centenery,

          2) its the first time ive been able to get back since 2014,

    also this year i finally am able to meet menno wielinga who wrote                       the book " Het englese Kamp "Groningen "1914-1918"

    I would also like to thank my Wife Sharon who has supported me ,

    all the way,

          Iwould also like to thank the following listed below ,

      Kees Westerkamp Drum Major of the music show Scotland,

                  & CEO of the ScotsCorner Pipe Band

      Harry Van Bon (Piper )from the Clan MacBeth Pipe Band


    Heiko Messerschmidt (Photographer) Scots Corner Pipe  Band

                                 Agent Groningen,

         mennos wife Tineke and  their granddaughter Willemijn,

                   and although he wasnt there this time

             my Friend KIM who took me there in 2014   





Thes 2 images show menno , myself,

and mennos wife Tineki,

pics from willemijn

  THE 2  Images below show Harry the Piper escorting us  to the memorials

    Heikos images ..

                                                    THE Images below  i took

                            and if any relatives would like copies please feel free to contact me .