This page is all about the trip to the 2 ,

      cemeterys on the somme , that have  had,

          an impact on my life and especially

              My associaton with the R.N.D

           also this was my main reason ,

               buying a proper drone .

This first section of images are from , the Ancre Valley Cemetery ,

this is where i first came accross the R.N.D in 2012 ,

and shows aerial views  of the cemetery and a bit of the surrounding area.

          This part deals with

      the serre road cemetery no1

  The 2 images above relate to

A.B C.J  PARKES Who is buried here the ,

Wreath i laid on the 17-08-2018

the image below is his memorial plaque,

which i albeit briefly reunited with its owner in 2017.